Design and Develop a Presentation in an Hour

Sooner or later we are all required to develop and deliver presentations for our co-workers, bosses, customers, or prospects. Most of us either deathly afraid of public speaking, don’t know where to start, or end up with a boring presentation that takes too long to develop. Many experts agree that 99% of presentations stink. This webinar includes tips and tricks on how to design and develop a presentation in one hour. It is based on a real-life coaching project with a large system integrator and inspiration from presentation thought leaders. The Recommended references include summaries of a number of books and videos from Malcolm Gladwell, Chris Anderson, Garr Reynolds, Nancy Duarte, and Christine Comaford.

Presentation in an Hour FINAL

Chris Simmons is the founder and principal member of Rainmakerz Consulting—a business development solutions company specializing in all aspects of proposal development.