23-2smallestFinding the right consultant at the right time is hard work. It requires endurance and dedication (like climbing the Matterhorn), meticulous planning, execution and resources (like putting a man on the moon), and perseverance (like finding the proverbial needle in the haystack). We help you grow your business with consultants from three sources.

  • Individual 1099 consultants
  • Specialized consulting companies
  • Industry associations and social media groups

We organize each of these partner groups into three tiers based on their capabilities and past performance. We negotiate consultant rates on your behalf, leveraging long-term relationships and volume discounts. This virtual community represents literally thousands of capture, proposal, training, coaching, and other specialized subject matter experts to support all your business development needs.


We have developed and are growing a stable of 70 trusted tier-1 consultants who consistently meet our high standards for performance, value, and customer satisfaction. These consultants are highly leveraged on most projects. Our resource pool includes hundreds of tier-2 consultants who work best in specialized roles. We have even more tier-3 consultants waiting for an initial opportunity to engage if the timing is right. Approximately 1% of our consultants are blacklisted due to poor performance or unethical practices.

horsesstableConsulting Companies

We have partnership and alliance agreements with seven tier-1 companies, 20 tier-2 companies, and an extended network that includes over 150 other consulting companies.

Winning Proposals: Life-cycle Proposal Consulting, Permanent Placements, and Temp-to-Perm

Potomac Advisors: Life-cycle Proposal Consulting

24 Hour Company: Proposal Graphics Design and Development

Richter & Company: Competitive Analysis and Price-to-Win

Granite Leadership Strategies: Pricing Strategies and Tactics

Market Advocates: Presentation Development and Orals Coaching

ENEXDI: Proposal Printing, Copying, and Binding

Industry Associations and Social Media

Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP)

BMF_4105APMP is the de facto association for business development, capture, proposal, and related services areas with over 10,000 worldwide members since 1989. There are 1,100 active members in the Washington, DC area alone. We have a 10-year relationship with APMP and actively participate in international conferences, webinars, committees, and the APMP Journal and Perspective publications. The APMP website includes Rainmakerz videos, presentations, articles, and press releases.

Rainmakerz Consulting is an active APMP Corporate Partner of the National Capital Area Chapter (NCA). We provide mentor support for three protégés and manage the NCA LinkedIn discussion group. The NCA website includes 40 of our articles, presentations, and other references. Learn more about APMP-NCA.

We use established professional networks and discussion groups to resolve challenging customer issues and questions and actively participate in business development, capture, proposal, and other LinkedIn discussion groups. We occasionally use these networks to find consultants for projects located outside of the metropolitan area. Our founder has an extensive network of over 2,700 connections and 1,400 endorsements.

Rainmakerz Consulting has a new relationship with PMI that started with a focus on PMI business development leaders. In 2015, we delivered a webinar on How to Provide More Efficient and Effective BD Support, and a one-day training workshop on Winning More and Working Less: Unlocking the Mysteries of Capture, Proposals, and Presentations. The one-day workshop was rated “Outstanding” (4.7 out of 5.0) across nine evaluated areas. A follow-up one-day workshop is scheduled for 2016 in the greater Washington, DC area.

What Partners Say

We consistently deliver high value and continually exceed partner expectations. Our partners appreciate our collaboration, and long-lasting relationships based on trust.

“I worked with Chris on the APMP National Capital Area (NCA) Chapter Board of Directors (2007-2009). Chris provided tremendous and enthusiastic support to our Chapter contributing significantly Chapter membership growth and value. He implemented a number of membership innovations designed…read more

“Winning Proposals has partnered with Rainmakerz Consulting since 2009 to bring complementary capture and proposal services to our respective customers. They are our “go to” company when we need the best resources that the industry has to offer.”

David Claiborne, President Winning Proposals, Inc.

“I served with Chris on the APMP National Capital Area (NCA) Board for four years. His vision and contributions during this time helped to double our membership to 1,000 and significantly enhance our programs and body of knowledge. He has…read more

“Rainmakerz Consulting is our most valued strategic partner. We have supported countless capture and proposal projects since 2005 resulting in hundreds of millions in new business revenue for their customers. They are trusted colleagues and market leaders. I enjoy working…read more

John O'Reilly, Partner Potomac Advisors

“Our partnership with Rainmakerz Consulting is simple. We provide externally-focused competitive analysis and price to win support; Rainmakerz provides internally-focused capture and proposal support. In the end, our customers win – and never have to worry about conflicts of interest.”

Randy Richter, President Richter & Company LLC

“We formed the basis of our partnership with Rainmakerz Consulting in 2014 and I am thrilled to be one of their Tier-1 partners. Rainmakerz has a collaborative approach few companies can match. Although our coaching strategies are strikingly similar, I…read more

Eric Prostejovsky, President Market Advocates

“Rainmakerz Consulting is a pro-active and engaging partner we have worked with since 2013 to provide pricing strategies and the tactics to successfully implement those strategies. We highly recommend Rainmakerz Consulting for capture, proposal, coaching, and related services whenever we…read more

Marsha Lindquist, Principal Granite Leadership Strategies, Inc.

"24 Hour Company has worked with Rainmakerz since 2004. After our first project, we realized that they were like-minded, committed proposal professionals. Both our companies are active APMP supporters and contribute significantly to conferences, articles, blogs, and other association events.…read more

Dennis Fitzgerald, President 24 Hour Company